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Updated  Friday, 25 April 2003

This is an evolving page on St. Nicolas folk who I have come to know over the years. The lists is by no means exhaustive and more reflective of the material I have to hand. As I sort through the many files and papers I have accumulated over the years, it is amazing what I come across. Also amazing is the growing number of enquiries from people who has lost touch with each other over the years. Sometimes I have to break the sad news that the person sought after is deceased; other times I am able to re-unite them.

The people on this page give or have given faithful service to St. Nicolas church and to, as is said, "The Glory of God". That is thanks and recognition enough. Nevertheless, when my spirit flags or my energy wanes, remembering  these folks helps to re-charge my battery.

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The late Rex Aldridge was the Verger when I transferred to St. Nicolas in 1972. I liked Rex and we shared many yarns. Like me he smoked a pip. Before becoming Verger he kept a shop in Bartholomew Street near the now demolished Regal Cinema.

Ernest Harris is the Sacristan. We have many chats after the services when I help put the candles away.

The late Martin Goodwin (d. October 2000) was The Newsletter Editor. I served with Martin on the Communications Committee. We shared a common interest in computing and would bounce ideas off each almost every week.

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Gillian Lovett and Cath Trewhella.
I have known Gillian for more years than I care to remember. Her late father Jack Lovett sang bass in the choir when I first joined. Gill is deputy organist, sings alto and teaches music.
Cath, together with her husband, Jack in the choir before moving to Cornwell in the 1990s.
This picture was taken on a sadly rare but most welcome visit to Newbury. 

Bernard Eggleton.
Bernard crops up in many pages on my web-site and on other sites of which I am webmaster. I admire Bernard in many ways, but specific to St. Nicolas is his reading of the Lesson and his knowledge of the Scriptures which he demonstrates when he is able to attend the Wednesday Lunchtime Service of The Word.

Elizabeth Saddleton was the Parish Administrator until Autumn 1999. I got to know her well when I did the DTP for the church magazine.

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