1998 St Nicolas - Carols
Created 20 December 1998

Having twice visited the Holy Land (1994 and 1996) and on the second occasion actually staying in Bethleham my atitude towards carols has changed. Of the Bethlehem of the 20th century is different from when Jesus was born. But by how much? I ponder every time every time I sing "O little town of Bethlehem". Nevertheless since I don't have all the answers I am happy to perpetuate the imaginary contained in the words of of the carols we continue to sing and play. I hope the images on this page will contain something of the joy of celebrating God with Us or Imanuel as we Christians say.

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Of the many pictures I was privileged to take during the rehearsal for the 1998 Carol Service at St Nicolas, this is my favourite. Jesus' words "suffer the children to come unto me" immediately come to mind. The Junior were singing "The Seven Joys of Mary" at the time. The joy on the faces is unbelievable! They could almost be singing to Jesus, the new-born King, face-to-face.


Now the joy on these faces is different, is it not? Time-wise the two pictures were taken about five hours apart, namely before and after Carol Service. Sarah Cope, the Director of Music, is in the foreground, the occasion being Carol Singing at "The Blackbird" in aid of Newbury Hospital Helpers League".


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