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Updated  Sunday, 28 November 2010

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I am a member of St. Nicolas Harmony. We have a small repertoire of Barbershop songs which we perform for charity.

at_blackbird1.JPG (45840 bytes)
Singing in the garden of "The Blackbird" in aid of Newbury Hospital Helpers Leave (1999)

Audio Sample:

When Pa

Regular Members:
Nic Cope (Leader)
Brian Clegg
John Mann
Andy Moore
Chris Reeves
David Salter
Alan Sheldon
Robert Willis
Occasional Members:
Tim Astin
Graham Foster
Keith Capple
Alan Whitaker

PIC00013.JPG (35781 bytes)        PIC00015.JPG (54435 bytes)
Above two at our Silver Wedding Anniversary Party (1999)

Party 17 Nov 2000.jpg (50729 bytes)
At a party in St. John's Church Hall on 17 November 2000



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