North of the River Kennet
Tuesday, 07 March 2006

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The Broadway, Speenhamland. (1997)

Castle House, Old Bath Road, 
taken from Goldwell Park.  (1995))

High House, Old Bath Road  (1997)

Goldwell Park looking south..1997)

Arts Worshop Roof 07.jpg (352282 bytes)

Gas & Electric Lampost April 62.jpg (447350 bytes)

Speen Wishing Well.jpg (62311 bytes)

Arts Workshop from Northbrook St. multi-storey car park
 Nov. 1998

Blossom in Victoria Park
27 February 1998

Gas and Electric Lamps between 
Pelican Lane and Corporation Cottages c. 1960

Lady Well at Speen
July 1997

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Congregation School Room, Cromwell Place May 1998

Detail of one of the busts supporting the doorway arches on the Congregation School Room. This one is of Milton and has seen better days.

Concrete "boat" in the middle of Victoria Park Boating Pool
January 1986

Waterside Youth & Community Centre
April 1998

Camp Hopson 1.JPG (37522 bytes)

Goldwell House.JPG (13812 bytes)

Camp Hopson
November 1996

Goldwell House, Old Bath Road
March 1999

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