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Argyle Road

Bridge Street

Cheap Street

Jack Street

Mill Lane


The Arcade links the Market Place to Bartholomew Street. It is a delightful passageway which used to have a variety of little interesting shops and business. Sadly the Pedestrianisation appears to have killed off some, notably "Sweet Nostalgia" (formerly Shaves) which sold a variety of items besides tobacco and sweets, including the rubber ends which fit on walking sticks to make them none slip. Over the years I can remember my mother buying several.

ARCHADE_96_Mar.JPG (33073 bytes) 96NOV_I.JPG (36830 bytes) 99APR_2.JPG (93200 bytes)
c. March 1996 c . November 1996 c. April 1999
00Mar_3.JPG (91371 bytes) 02JUN_I1.JPG (4098 bytes) 02JUN_I2.JPG (30590 bytes)
c. March 2000 c. June 2002 c. June 2002
02JUN_I3.JPG (30046 bytes) 02AUG_I1.JPG (35566 bytes) 02AUG_I2.JPG (35332 bytes)
c. June 2002 c. August 2002 c. August 2002
Argyle Road

Argyle Road is the one street in Newbury which evokes the town's history most. It all looks old, exceedingly old, but don't be deceived. Whilst some buildings are, others are deceptively modern, that is, c. 20th century. Can you guess which is which? The Southern Town Walk on The Newbury Society's web-site may give you a clue.

Argle Road 18.jpg (44238 bytes) Argyle Road.jpg (61020 bytes) Bartholomew Manor.jpg (49691 bytes)
IMAGE13.JPG (59334 bytes) IMAGE17.JPG (51199 bytes)
St. Bartholomew's Hospital
Bridge Street
Bridge Street Miniture.JPG (13481 bytes)
Bridge Miniature above the entrance to Newbury Building Society    
Cheap Street

These are some "modern" views of Cheap Street c. 1999 - 2001. My earliest memory of Cheap Street is that of visiting a rather nasty dentist in the mid-1950s. But then aren't all dentists nasty when one is young. My other early memory of Cheap Street is that of the toy shop opposite the Post Office - I can't quite remember its name, but Red comes in some where: it may have been called The Red Stores. I seem to remember going upstairs to see the Dinky Toys and the Triang train sets, probably as a reward after going to the dentist! If you can jog my memory, please E-mail me.

Cheap Street 2 way traffic 37.jpg (188700 bytes) Cheap Street10.jpg (55168 bytes) Empire Cafe.jpg (47077 bytes)
View from Bear Lane junction. Looking north from the Market Street junction. Empire Cafe and Bakery - notice the Hovis sign above.
Greenwoods.jpg (50390 bytes) Post Office  7.jpg (54444 bytes) Post Office.jpg (52687 bytes)
Opposite Post Office The Post Office North side of the Post Office.
Save The Children.jpg (47545 bytes) The Plaice.jpg (46905 bytes) Above Habels.jpg (52005 bytes)
View from 1st floor bar of the Corn Exchange. Tile hanging above "The Plaice" fish & chip shop. Above what was Habels
Jack Street

Jack Street MGI.jpg (111691 bytes)

Jack Street 1.jpg (54422 bytes) Click here to read about a coincidence and the Story of how these pictures of Jack Street come to be here.
Mill Lane

I take my Discovery to be service at Newbury 4 Wheel Drive which is in Mill Lane (the mill being Greenham Mill, which longer exists, but when I was a child was adjacent to Greenham Lock on the Kennet Navigation. The mill used to scare me to death because it made al sorts of strange, and sometimes unexpected, noises.)

The series of pictures below were all taken on 2nd August 2000, walking east from the Police Station roundabout to Boundary Road.
PIC00001.JPG (23481 bytes) PIC00002.JPG (37647 bytes)
Coat of arms on houses near the Police Station roundabout. Denmark Road Corner
PIC00006.JPG (16529 bytes) PIC00007.JPG (25674 bytes)
Conaught Road corner. Looking along Conaught Road.
Between Mill Lane and King's Road East a new housing development was under construction. PIC00008.JPG (51787 bytes) PIC00009.JPG (26060 bytes)
Former tyre retailers workshop being used as a building site store.
PIC00010.JPG (27167 bytes) PIC00011.JPG (20108 bytes) PIC00014.JPG (25265 bytes)
Open views looking south across the building site.
PIC00013.JPG (18538 bytes) PIC00015.JPG (20369 bytes) PIC00016.JPG (26469 bytes)
Mill Lane looking east. Boundary Road junction. Newbury Four Wheel Drive


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