Kennet & Avon Canal
Updated Tuesday, 07 March 2006

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Downstream from West to East

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Above Denford Lock

Temporary Bridge between Higgs and Guyers Lock to carry Newbury Bypass construction traffic over the canal.

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West Mills looking east.

Retirement Homes c. 1999

Upstream of West Mills Swing bridge

West Mills c. 1974

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West Mills Wharf

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Above Newbury Lock c. 1960

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Newbury Lock Cottage which was destroyed by fire.

Newbury Lock snow scene Newbury Lock - note Pearl Building in process of being demolished.

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The street in question is Northbrook Street.

Rope Marks (downstream of  Newbury Lock) made when boats were hauled by horses.

Town Mill c. 1960

Town Mill Record c. 1960

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Interpretation Notice.

Two views of Newbury Lock from Newbury Bridge.

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Notice taken when it was affixed to Newbury Lock Cottage.

The John Gould plaque at Newbury Lock.

Downstream of Newbury Lock.

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Newbury Bridge looking west.

Taken from Newbury Bridge looking downstream.

Close up of the upstream of Newbury Bridge. Notice floating fenders introduced in the 1990s and designed to keep boats in mid-channel.

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The Stone Building on Newbury Wharf. The wooden crane seen leaning up against it is the original crane which was rescued from Newbury Goods yard. It was erected on Newbury Wharf by The Newbury Society but unfortunately it was damaged in a storm. The present crane seen on Newbury Wharf is a modern replica of this crane.

Hambridge Road Swing bridge which has been replaced by a fixed up and over bridge. Picture taken in the 1960s.

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