I am grateful to Frances Berry (Mayor of Newbury, 2002-3) and to Jim Irving (Photgrapher and former teacher at Park House School, Newbury) for these photograph of Jack Street.

It was quite a challenge to find them. The search started in August with the arrival of this E-mail:

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From: "Theresa O'Sullivan" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 4:45 PM
Subject: Jack Street

Dear Newbury Society,
I found your web site very interesting. Recently we have been discussing  'haunting' my sisters and I experienced as small children, when we lived in Jack Street. I come from a family of 13 children. For a long time we have tried to find out information about the house we once lived in Jack Street.

Because we came from a large family, we were the last occupants to leave Jack Street. I have often felt nostalgic and searched for any existing photographs of Jack street, any newspaper articles about the residents of Jack Street or of  the times the buildings were demolished, and any recorded sights of  hauntings around Jack Street.

I would very much appreciate it if you could help me to find out any information or e-mail any existing information you already have. In anticipation ......

Theresa O' Sullivan.

I put an appeal into the Autumn edition of the Newbury Society Newsletter and also E-mailed Jim Irving. Frances's picture arrived first and I E-mailed Theresa as follows:

from:    "Robert F. Willis" <>
date:    Mon, 07 Oct 2002 18:11:45
subject: Re: Jack Street

Dear Theresa

Following an appeal in the Newbury Society Newsletter, I was sent a photocopy of photograph of Jack Street. I have scanned it in, enhanced it the best I can, and attached it to this E-mail. It was sent to me by Frances Berry, a member of the Newbury Society and currently Mayor of Newbury.

Is it, by any chance of great co-incidence, your family in the picture? I'd love to know.

Best wishes


  PS: I am copying this to the Town Council, the Museum and the "NWN" in case any one else has other pictures, more information or can date the picture.

Imagine my joy when I received this E-mail by return:

Dear Robert...

First of all I would like to thank-you and all that has assisted in the search on archive concerning Jack street...
I had many memory flash backs the moment I saw the picture, Yes it is my Family, I was very excited about seeing this picture.
My Mother is one of the people in the picture' and 2 of my sisters, they will be surprised to see it, Thank-you so much for this Robert...
it is much appreciated.
I had to thank you 1st before e mailing this to some of my family...Thank-you Thank-you ...

Best regards...

Theresa O'Sullivan.

The next day I received Jim's photograph which I E-mailed to Theresa:

Dear Theresa


Attached is another picture just received. I think it is of the rear of Jack
Street (Marsh Lane) judging by the shadows. Do you know the girl?

Best wishes


To which Theresa replied:

Robert! gets,
we have been so excited about pics, and had many laugh's about my older
sister in this pic :) is indeed my sister...I am so grateful to you Robert, I really
appreciate all the work you have put into this for me..again...."THANK_YOU"
so much.