Thoughts at Random 2000

Updated Monday, 08 March 2004

In previous years we have sent out a Newsletters with our Christmas cards.  This year we are inviting people to visit our Web-site. This is a summary of our "News" with hypertext links to the appropriate page. During it this was we hope it will save a few trees and save much folding! Enjoy or return to my Home Page.

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Robert had the 'flu for most of January and didn't do a lot.
Robert spent much time catching up with things he should have done in January.
Christopher Manley was born.
Sang at Verona.
Rallied in Cornwall.

Launched Computer Club Website.

Christopher Manley baptised.

Attended Ted Revell's Funeral.

Bee fractured her hip.

Visited Scotland.

Launched Speenhamland School Governors' Website.

Attended Berkshire Centre Dinner Dance.

Started IT Now! Course.

Visited Alan McNaughtan.

Attended Caravan Towing Course.

Rallied in France and went to Disneyland Paris.

Kitchen, Dining Room and Bathroom decorated.

Sang at several Carol Concerts and Services.


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