Where Are They Now?

Updated:  Thursday, 09. July 2009
Over the years I have lost touch with a number of people and would love to know how they are and, indeed, if they are still alive!


St. Mary's, Speenhamland

St Mary's Presentation GS.jpg (171650 bytes)

At Stonehenge 25.JPG (57578 bytes)

This picture was taken after the last service held at St. Mary's, Speenhamland in St. Mary's Hall during a presentation made to the Rev. J. M. and Mrs. Phipps. I can identify some of the people in the picture.

Choir Outing to Stonehenge.



Speenhamland and Park House Schools

Grad Finder

Click on this link to view a list of Newbury Schools and pupils.

Friends Reunited

Another good site for finding old friends.

School Camp MGI.jpg (59780 bytes)
Park House School Camp (1962?)

IMAGE11.JPG (50723 bytes)
Rodney Wilton



Belgian Girl.jpg (152296 bytes)

I found this photograph amongst my parent's pictures. I believe it is of the daughter of a family who befriended my father during the Second World War when he was posted to Belgium. I would love to know who she is and if she is still alive.



The pictures below were taken at The Hatchet in Newbury Market Place in, I think, December 1970 (at least that's the date on the original slides). If I have got the names wrong, or if you know the names of those which escape me, please let me know.

Scan38.jpg (108399 bytes)

Scan9.jpg (122820 bytes) Scan4.jpg (80021 bytes)

Don Ward and ?

? and Christine Harwood's sister


Scan5.jpg (147199 bytes) Scan6.jpg (91917 bytes)

Scan7.jpg (78839 bytes)

Terry ? and ?

Martin Taylor, Julian Smallwood?, ? Westlake? and ?

? and Graham Legge

Scan8.jpg (89510 bytes) Scan10.jpg (131203 bytes)

Robert & Madeline 39.jpg (127340 bytes)

? and ?

Angela Luckings, Kevin Staunton and Brian Holland?

Me and Madeline Harwood

Scan40.jpg (74229 bytes)

Over the years, I have kept in touch with many of the people pictured here. We tend to meet up about once a year.

Please click here for my Old YCs photo album.

Lavinia King and Martin Taylor


St Nicolas Church

choir MGI.jpg (50667 bytes)

Stephen Cornwall MGI.jpg (57173 bytes)  

Joan Wildish, Gillian Lovett, Kate Gott, Stephen Cornwall, ? Jones, Me
(I see Joan and Gillian regularly)

Another picture of Stephen Cornwall, seen here with Buckingham.




John Griffith MGI.jpg (20029 bytes)

JB3.jpg (1047155 bytes) JB2.jpg (984648 bytes)

John Griffiths

Jennifer Browne





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