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Updated - Wednesday, 11 December 2002

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Cathy is a childhood friend of Charmian from the time that Charmian lived in Kilmalcolm, Renfrewshire, Scotland. They met, apparently, when Cathy asked to borrow Charmian's scooter.

I first met Cathy and John when they were married in Glasgow in August 1974 (the same year as us). We try to visit them every time we go to Scotland. They have visited us in Newbury a couple of times.

Kilmalcolm: 2 - 3 September 2000

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Cathy and John kindly took us out for a meal at a local restaurant. We had not seen them for several years and there much news to catch up on.

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 Cathy and John had recently moved from Bridge of Weir to Kilmalcolm. 


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