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Updated - 26 November, 2004
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I first met Barry G. Davies whilst at Park House School in 1959. The G is for Glyn after his father. I think it was either in the fourth year or the fifth year that he acquired the nickname Basil, not after Basil Fawty of the TV hotel fame, but after Mr. "Chalky" White, our English master introduced us to the poetry of Keats. Again, if my memory serves me correctly, it was Owen Cooper who lived in a bungalow at Boxford who used the nickname most, or was it Robert Horwood? Barry was Best Man at our wedding in 1974.

If you are wondering about the fish background on this page it is a scan of the drawing which Barry did whilst at Park House School.

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Form 2a
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This is one the earliest picture I have of Barry. It was taken in the living room of "The Nook", 18 Pelican Lane, Newbury on the 17th April 1962.

I cannot date this picture, nor do I know where we were. Quite possibly it was on a choir outing.
Barry & Rudge.jpg (39795 bytes) 01 Me & Rudge by wood pile.jpg (88729 bytes) 02  Barry Davies 1.jpg (39799 bytes) 03
Both Barry and I were keen photographers and enjoyed walking. These pictures are from 35 mm slides and they were taken before or during April 1970 - at that time Kodak used to print the month and year when they processed slides. 01 & 02 were taken on a walk across Speen Moor. The dog's name is Rudge, who is looking quite old. Barry took 02, which is un-cropped and shows Barry's eye for framing and composition - we were into SLR cameras in those days. Looking at these pictures in 2000, I am intrigued by our choice of fashion, Barry in his cord jacket, and me in Harris Tweed. 03 was taken on Bucklebury Common.

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I think these were taken in the lay-by opposite Beacon Hill, which is south of Newbury on the A34. The car is my second hand Austin A40 saloon, which cost me 60. It was grey, but my father sprayed it white.
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Young Barry & I took part in the Newbury to Andover Walk - 17 miles and we made! This is us setting off from "The Nook".




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