Favourite Sites
Updated:  Tuesday, 23 June 2009  

Sites I Have Authored

My Site at Angelfire Includes more about caravanning.

My Site at GeoCities

Includes Canada Coast to Coast and more.

The Newbury Society

If youíre interested in Newbury visit this site.

Newbury & District Organists Association

Another of my interests. I created this site in July 1998. It include details of some of the organs in the Newbury area.

Cromwell Singers

My wife and I enjoy singing

"Newbury Weekly News"

This is my local newspaper with many links to local organisations. Please check it out.
Electronic Telegraph  

Music Sites

Priory Records Priory have recordings of Psalms from several British cathedrals.
Hyperion Records Hyperion are in the process of recording the complete Psalter sung by St. Paulís cathedral choir.



Speenhamland Governors

I am a Governor of Speenhamland School and very pleased it has a presence on the Internet.

Park House School

I attended Park House between 1958 and 1964. I am an Hon. Life Member of the Old Parkonians Association and used to serve on the committee as Hon. Membership Secretary and edit the Newsletter.



St Nicolas, Newbury


I sing in the choir of St Nicolas, Newbury. The Church Net UK has much information and all sorts of links including some to sites providing clip art. 
Newbury Deanery Inspection of Churches Committee I retired as Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of this committee in 2005.
Newbury Sites  

Newbury Internet Services

The host of this site. They have a comprehensive Directory of local sites. It is so nice to be able to drop in and talk to Brian Burgess and Norman Bland face-to-face if I have a problem. Much preferable to being held in a CompuServe or MSN telephone queue for ages and ages.

ICN Computers

I bought my latest computer from ICN and I pleased with the continuing service enjoyed.
Town Centre Management This site is more than a little disappointing, full of "spin" and in several instances factually inaccurate, e.g. The Kennet & Avon Canal does not join the River Thames at Reading, it links Newbury and Bath. The Kennet Navigation, which is older than the Kennet and Avon Canal, links Newbury and Reading. Serious researches and students beware unless, of course, your intent is to become a "spin doctor". In which case, this site is an excellent vision through rose-coloured spectacles!
RAF Greenham Common A History: 1941-1992

West Berkshire Council

Revamped in March 2001, this site is  much better, although it is disappointing that a search for "Newbury" does not always find it.

Speen Parish Council

An interesting local site.

Speen Ladywell

I love visiting this Ladywell and have been doing so since I was a boy.


The Blackbird Inn We find The Blackbird great for rinks, meals and parities. I celebrated both my 50th and 60th birthdays there.
Moonfleet  I still loved this book.
National Gallery of Canada I discovered this site whilst visiting Ottawa in 1999.
Caravan Club
(Berkshire Centre)
My wife, dogs and I enjoy rallying very much. A visit to this site might well whet your appetite for this ways of life.
Walking in Berkshire All the information you need to get walking in the beautiful Berkshire countryside.

Disability Issues

Inclusive Mobility An excellent site which describes "Best Practice". Do please have a look at this site and as you go about your work, rest and play spare a thought for those who are less mobile and do your bit to help.

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